Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Avraham Fried & Zemiros - Yochi Briskman Orchestra

Presenting, some amazing Yossi Green classics, performed by Avraham Fried.

These three featured songs are from Avremel’s repertoire spanning a decade from the early years of his career (1983-1993).

He is accompanied by an astounding 40 piece Yochi Briskman Orchestra to help bring these songs to life, conducted by Yochi with arrangements by Yanky Briskman.

Lending their vocal support, are the Zemiros Choir, led by Yoily Polatseck with harmonies and vocal accompaniment.

Recorded live at the Klein/Lieberman wedding - March 24, 2019 @ Ateres Avraham, Brooklyn, NY.

Kadeish - Goodbye Golus, 1985
Acheinu - Forever One, 1983
Hashem, Hashem - Shtar Hatnoim, 1993

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