Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Reb Shayalas Kitchen

Our Dear Friend,


This is more than charity. It’s the spirit of sh’lach lachmecho.

There are many middle-income families in our community going through temporary financial crisis. From the respectable earner who’s between jobs to the small business owner marrying off a succession of children, everyone needs help at some point.

Reb Shayala understood that better than anyone.

Reb Shaya Ben Reb Moshe performed the simplest form of tzedakah there is: putting food directly onto the tables and into the mouths of families in need. At Reb Shayala’s Kitchen, we do the same thing. We pay the basic groceries for families in transition, without a cent lost in the process.

There are no private pockets.

No misdirected checks.

No loans or side favors.

Every dollar we raise helps raise a family from shame, grief and hunger. All in a proven way that helps them get back on their feet—and contributing back into our charity fund.

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