Thursday, May 30, 2019

Police Saves Girl From Oncoming Truck

Dashcam video has captured the terrifying moment a two-year-old girl ran out onto a busy roadway in Michigan before she was rescued by a quick-thinking cop.

The footage, filmed last Friday, shows Michigan State Police Sergeant Joseph Richards driving his patrol car along a road near Alpena before he spots the toddler unsupervised.

The tot is oblivious to the danger that she is in, loitering at the side of the highway before she wanders out onto the road.

Richards can be seen quickly exiting his cop car, before he runs toward the girl in an attempt to rescue her.

Richards is then seen whisking the toddler up into his arms, saving her from the full force of a red dump truck which speeds past just seconds later.

The toddler's mother was nearby and said she had lost track of her daughter for just a few seconds before she made her way on to the busy road.

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