Thursday, May 16, 2019

BizTank Season 13 Episode 01 Part 2

Feel the tension in the room.

Follow the intense back and forth as the Moguls probe Isaak and Eli in this episode.

In BizTank Episode 01 part 1 Eli Ofel and Isaak Yakubov share their story of how LEAA went from a dream to reality. Eli, a marketing expert and software developer became sick. It was a nightmare for him to get an appointment at his primary care doctor and after sitting for hours in the waiting room, he was finally seen and diagnosed with the flu. After symptoms didn't improve for close to two weeks, Eli called his friend Isaak, an emergency room physician, professor and now partner. Isaak came to Eli's house and performed a physical exam.

In Eli's words: "Isaak arrived and just like in a dream, examined me while I was holding a cup of coffee in the comfort of my own home. His diagnosis: walking pneumonia. He prescribed the right medications from his phone. It was delivered 25 minutes later.
The medical visit, the accurate diagnosis, placing the prescription and delivery of medication - all happened in less than an hour. That's when I looked at Eli and said: 'Hey, what just happened?'
LEAA became more than just a dream.

No need to search for urgent care near you. LEAA wants everyone to have the amazing experience of fast, reliable and comprehensive quality healthcare in the comfort of your home.

But they need to secure funding and strategic help of the Moguls to be able to service patients nationally.

In this episode, the Moguls weigh in.

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