Saturday, April 06, 2019

URI DAVIDI - Vayotziainu - Official Lyric Video

Uri Davidi releases yet another brand new song from his upcoming album set to be released on Lag Baomer Iy”h ! This time a beautiful song in honor of the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach! “Don’t worry there is a lot more coming on the album, this is just a taste” .

Composed by: Uri Davidi
Song Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Vocals recorded at Studio6 Lakewood NJ
Arrangement: Yehuda Galili
Drums:  Avi avidani
Bass: Guy Dehan
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Keybords & Piano: Yehuda Galili
Strings: The Jerusalem Symphony
Sax & Woodwins: Guy Nachmias
Mix & Mastring: Yaniv Balas
Record By Studios: Banet, Mishkenot Shahananim. Gal kol. Tenor.
Sound by: Avi korlanski. Tzvika Hirshler. Ido baum.

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