Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sneaky Biker On-The-Run Outsmarts Police

Halfway through a police chase, this is the moment a deceptive man on the run outsmarted officers and got away without being noticed.

CCTV footage, believed to be from the Philippines, shows a man on a motorbike being chased by two police cars.

He swerves down a side street and swiftly jumps off his bike and lays it on the ground behind a parked car. Once he's done that he goes to sit on the kerb of the pavement behind another parked car. A police car then comes careering into view and turns into the same side street but can't see the man at first.

Just as the police car is about to drive past the man's hiding space he jumps up into a crouching position and sprints behind cars in the opposite direction. As he gets to the end of the street another police car, which was following the first, also turns into the street and misses the man they're chasing.
After avoiding both police cars the man disappears from view and it is unknown whether he ever got caught. 

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its in brazil