Monday, April 08, 2019

Nechomeh - Sender Gelb - Shulem Saal - Shir Vshevach

Chaim Meir Fligman presents Nechumah - נחמה

Badchen Sender Gelb - Shulem Saal - Shir Vshevach Boys Choir

The Nechomeh song composed by R' Shimshy Neuman was performed at the recent Krasne Dinner in Boro Park, 

Vocal solos by the famous Badchen and performer Sender Gelb. together with Shulem Saal.

The boy's choir was conducted and arranged by Chaim Meir Fligman,

Video by The Shoot Studios -
Live sound and engineering by Excellent Sound
Music by Dovy Tessler
Guitar by Pinny Lunger
Percussions by Isaac Bernath

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