Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Eli Levin - Never Give Up - Lyrical Video

Composed by: The Blumstein Brothers, Momo Bauman & Eli Levin
Featuring: Eli Levin
A Doni Gross production
Choir: Elimelech Blumstein, Aryeh Blumstein, Yitzy Blumstein, Shragi Orzel, Momo Bauman, Mikey Mause & Doni Gross
Cover Art: Yehuda Krupka
Lyrical Video by: Yossi Zweig - Intelligent Noice LLC

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches us that one of the most fundamental concepts of Emunah is to never give up hope. Regardless of the situation a Jew finds themselves in, do not despair. Why is this idea so fundamental? Why is it repeated over and over again in the holy words of our teachers...never give up…never give up…never give up…

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