Sunday, April 28, 2019

Earthquake Shakes Penthouse Apartment Pool

Terrifying footage shows swimming pool water cascading from the top off a penthouse apartment block in the Philippines last week when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck killing at least five people.

Buildings swayed in the main business district on Manila as the quake struck at  5.11pm local time some 37 miles northwest of the city.

At least two buildings, according to a local official in the town of Porac, collapsed and five people are believed to have died so far. Three in Porac and one in the town of Lubao. 

Footage shows the high-rise apartment block, Anchor Skysuites, swaying as the quake hits. Water from the penthouse swimming pool on the roof cascaded to the ground.

Terrified residents were then filmed running at the disaster hit.

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