Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Chaim Nutowitz - Vehaishiv - New Single

A heartfelt song that everyone can resonate & connect with, in his own way.

Especially it's to raise awareness and to inspire those brokenhearted parents and kids that have been ripped apart from each other for various mostly unjust reasons.

We're asking from hashem: Father dear, bring our hearts closely together one to another so we can fulfill the last prophecy and bring the geula!

Composed & Sung by Chaim Nutowitz
Produced & arranged by Chaim Gold
Mixed & Mastered by Gadi Pugatsh 
Guitars: Nachman Helbitz
Bass: Nachman Helbitz 
Drums: Avi Mizrachi
Violin: Gadi Pugatsh
Piano: Shloimy Brenshtein
Vocals: Chaim Gold, Shloimy Brenshtein, Gershy Schwartz
Vocals Recorderd at Edgeware Studios - Gershy Schwartz
Cover Design: Moti Neuah

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