Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Yeshivas Cheshkas Hatorah

This song is dedicated to the campaign of ישיבת חשקת התורה in Yerushalayim a yeshiva know for its commitment to its talmudim.

After 3 successful years found itself in a financial struggle, fighting for its survival we ask everyone who is able to help even with a small amount please donate and help this great yeshiva continue its holy work. "Every penny counts!"

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Original song "Moshe Rabeinu" composed my Mona Rosenblum.
Sung by: Shaya Lebron
Music by: Yanky Ciment
Guitars: Ari Kohn
Choir by: Yeshivas Cheshkas Hatorah
Lyrics by: Eli Weber
Mix by: Chaim Gottesman
Song sponsored by: דאווידאוויטש טליתים

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