Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mendy J - MOSHIACH YAVO ft. Simi Jacobson

Purim 2019 is now upon us, time a brand new Mendy J production!

Welcome to brand new hit single “Moshiach Yavo” - a song and video featuring many “firsts” for the Jewish Music world: Moshiach Yavo by Mendy J is a brand new hit song that for the first time combines authentic Latin and Heimish musical flavors, together with a brand new music video with much of it shot, in 360 degrees.

This song features its co-composer as a special guest vocalist: brand new singer Simi Jacobson who brings the authentic Latin and Heimish combination to the next level with his passionate vocal performance.  “Moshiach Yavo”’s inspirational lyrics celebrate the time of the arrival of Moshiach. And just as importantly - the love of every single Jews’ individual role in this world to make it a place that Moshiach is able to come.

This Purim, let us join together and celebrate those that are different than you, celebrate those individuals whose unique strengths as Yidden help bring this world that much closer to the times of “Moshiach Yavo”.

Produced by Chananya Begun
Composed by Musical Arrangement/Production: Udi Damari.
Directed by: Chananya Begun
Filmed/edited by: Menachem Weinstein

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