Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Lizensk Tour by Go Gold & & Shulmans Tours

Lizensk has always been known as a place where Yiden went and Davened for salvation for Hashem.

This year travel to Lizensk with Go Gold & Shulmans Tours, in comfort and luxury, with comfortable flights, five-star accommodations, Delicious meals, and luxury ground transportation.

Joining the Journey is the famed Limaniver Ruv Rabbi Yaakov Shlomo Meisels who will enhance the trip with his inspirational stories and messages.

Also joining us is the world Renowned Historian Mr. Aron Bentzion Weider who will give us a tour of the Life in Eastern Europe prewar, and a tour in the  concentration camp Majdanik,

Come along for the journey of a lifetime! Book now, and you’ll have memories forever.

Call: 1-718-473-9867

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