Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Kapayim - Help Us Ease The Burden


When a child or parent is diagnosed with a serious illness, the fear, dread, and confusion are overwhelming. Millions of thoughts swirl through the minds of parents–the grueling treatments, the unknown results, and above all, “what will become of the rest of the family?”

Illness brings a variety of painful side effects: not only for the patient but for the entire family.

At Kapayim, we ease the burden of illness by providing vital services at the hospital, in the home, and in our unique Kapayim centers.

From hospital shifts and bedside care to meals, tutoring, and cleaning help.

Kapayim alleviates the trauma of illness from patients and households. In our Kapayim centers, we provide warmth and supervision for siblings and a sterile, medically safe environment where sick children can experience the joys and norms of childhood.

Chemotherapy can bring a cure, but our work brings healing to our patients


Producer and director: Hershy Menczer
Cinematographer: Igor Perchuk
Editor & Camera operator: Brandon Lanski