Saturday, March 09, 2019

Dudi Knopfler ft. Shir V’shevach - Soreiku 馃嵎- Music Video

The Purim spirit is in the air and Dudi Knopfler is here again with a brand new song that will make you dance all year round! This time featuring Shir V’shevach boys choir!

Sponsored by: Soreiku Winery

Video Produced by MUDEO production
Video Filmed & Edited by Studio On Dot
Written & Directed by: MUDEO
Assistant director: Ari Levy
Set Design: Pinny Lunger
Assistant DP Lighting Director: Elizabeth Dawn Norwood
Lighting by: GW Lighting

Composed by: Moty Ilowitz
Music: Shloimy Salzman
Guitar: Nachman Dryer
Brass - Danny Flam & Dor Assaraf
Mixing: Yitzy Berry

Children’s Choir: Shir Vshevach Boys Choir
Arranged & Conducted by: Chaim Meir Fligman

Click Here For The Lyrics
讗ֹ住ְ专ִ讬 诇ַ讙ֶּ驻ֶ谉 注ִ讬专讜ֹ
讗ֹ住ְ专ִ讬 诇ַ讙ֶּ驻ֶ谉 注ִ讬专讜ֹ 注ִ讬专讜ֹ
讜ְ诇ַ砖ֹּׂ专ֵ拽ָ讛 讜ְ诇ַ砖ֹּׂ专ֵ拽ָ讛 砖ֹּׂ专ֵ拽ָ讛 讘ְּ谞ִ讬 讗ֲ转ֹ谞讜ֹ

诪讬讟 讗 讙诇注讝诇 讜讜讬讬谉
驻讬谉 讘讜专讗 讗 讚注专诪讗谉
诇讗诪讬专 讗诇注 驻专讬讬诇讬讱 讝讬讬谉

讗ֹ住ְ专ִ讬 诇ַ讙ֶּ驻ֶ谉 注ִ讬专讜ֹ
讜ְ诇ַ砖ֹּׂ专ֵ拽ָ讛 讘ְּ谞ִ讬 讗ֲ转ֹ谞讜ֹ
注诇 讻讜住 讬讬谉 诪诇讗 讗讝讜讬
注ַ讚 讻ִּ讬-讬ָ讘ֹ讗 砖ִׁ讬诇ֹ讛

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