Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Daddy Dear - Shimmy Levy ft Falkowitz & Shulem Brodt

Enjoy a heartfelt rendition of the oldie masterpiece “Daddy dear” performed by Shimmy Levy Productions Featuring Levy Falkowitz and Shulem Brodt.

“Daddy dear” was originally named “Father Dear” recorded by MBD on Yerushalayim Our Home (1988) [retitled “Daddy Dear” on The English Collection] initially arranged by Mona Rosenblum

Watch and enjoy!

Music by: Shimmy Levy
Vocals: Levy Falkowitz & Shulem Brodt
Live sound engineer: David Bernath
Mix and master: Yaniv Balas
Post edit: MK Studio
Video and edit: Motty Engel
Production manager: David Bernath

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