Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Moment Huge Avalanche Sweeps Through Ski Resort

Terrifying footage shows the moment holidaymakers skied for their lives as an avalanche swept through a popular Swiss resort, Yesterday Wednsday Febuary 19, 2019

A Frenchman, 34, whose job was to check to safety of the slopes, died overnight after being injured in the avalanche. Three others were rescued after being swept away as a torrent of snow swept through Plaine Morte, a glacier near the town of Crans-Montana.

Footage captured by one of the skiers on their GoPro shows the moments shortly before the avalanche crashed down from the top of the mountains, as skiers desperately tried to avoid being crushed.

Skiers are seen enjoying their time on the slopes just moments before the avalanches starts.

The person filming the moments leading up to the avalanche appear in no rush as they put on their gloves before making their way down the hill.

As they set off, a deep crash is heard in the background and the skier turns around, revealing a white cloud of snow hurtling towards them.

The person speeds up down the hill and seems to encourage others to do the same. 

Nearly 250 rescue workers , medics, police officers and military personnel took part in the search, backed by eight helicopters and a dozen search dogs. Searches continued throughout the night but were halted on Wednesday morning.

The cause of the avalanche remains unclear. Nearly half of the 920-yard long avalanche made a direct hit across the ski slope. Leger said one possible cause for the avalanche could have been triggered by the passage of a skier.  

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