Sunday, February 17, 2019

Helicopter Crash Landing From Inside & Outside

Terrifying moment a tourist helicopter suddenly plummets to the ground and rolls onto its side when the pilot loses control of the aircraft in Argentina.

The clip, filmed in Valle de Uco in Tupungato, captures the helicopter as its pilot attempts to make an emergency landing near to the San Antonio ranch.

But as it approaches the ground, the aircraft suddenly leans to the right and crashes into the grass - momentarily rolling onto its side as its rotor blades smack against a fence.

Another clip, recorded inside the helicopter, shows the pilot and a passenger as a blaring alarm sounds moments before the crash.

The La Puntilla helicopter had been taking two American tourists on a panoramic tour of the area when the pilot, Walter Quiroga, noticed something was wrong and decided to perform an emergency landing.

Mr Quiroga then appeared to lose control when the helicopter suddenly dropped to the ground with a crash and the camera turned black.

Emergency services were called as soon as the helicopter lost contact with Francisco Gabrielli airport, reports said.

Firefighters, Civil Protection officers and a police helicopter were used in the rescue effort to reach the San Antonio ranch.

Paramedics attended to the three people who were inside the helicopter - but none of them needed to be hospitalised.

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