Tuesday, February 05, 2019

A Kabolas Ponim and Chuppah with Chaim Blumenfeld

Wedding singer and performer Chaim Blumenfeld with a Kabulas Punim and Chupah set that took place at a recent wedding at The Palace in Brooklyn.

Video highlights include: An inspiring Kabulas Punim Badchunis/Gramen and an emotional Chuppah performance featuring a mix of famous, soul-stirring songs and melodies accompanied by with violinist Yitzchok Isaac Kessler and keyboardist Efroyim Berkowitz.

Sung by: Chaim Blumenfeld
Lyrics: Leiby Moskowitz
Keyboard & Vocals: Efroyim Berkowitz
Clarinet: Reuven Shimon Meyer
Violin: Yitzchok Isaac Kessler
Filiming: Motty Engel
Mix: Efroyim Berkowitz - Keybird Studios
Editing: Studio On The Dot

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