Monday, January 21, 2019

Yogati - Eli Marcus - Album Sampler

Popular singer Eli Marcus is debuting a new album and the title track "Yogati" actually personifies his soaring career.

The album was produced by Marcus' cousin Mendy Friedman, who produced his previous album "Energy." For this project, Marcus took a different route, using multiple composers and arrangers.

Some of the choices are more original, such as "Tzadik," which was composed by Eli Marcus' brother Shmueli Marcus of 8th Day fame. Another song, "B'chol Koichoi," is by a talented musician named Shloimy Salzman and is his first recorded composition. Two songs were composed by Mordechai Brezel, who has written hits for Yaakov Shwekey and Simcha Leiner.

Others are classic, with compositions and arrangements by veteran songwriters Moshe Laufer, Pinky Weber, and Yitzy Waldner, and warm "hartzige" compositions and arrangements from the multi-talented Avrumi Berko.

Album will be avalible next week iy"h

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