Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Teen Survives Horrific Fiery Crash

DUBLIN, NH – A driver was badly injured in an explosive crash caught on camera in Dublin, New Hampshire. The driver, 18-year-old Sam Lachance of Manchester, survived thanks to good Samaritans who pulled him away from the flames.

The college freshman’s Jeep crossed the center line and crashed into a tractor-trailer on Main Street near Camp Rockne Road last Tuesday.

It happened in a few split seconds and there was no chance to escape. The crash was captured on Marc Cramer’s dashcam. “When I realized I couldn’t go left or right, and we were only going straight, I cried out ‘Lord out help me,’” Marc Cramer recalled.

Cramer was traveling with his son John, and their own car got smashed. They were both shaken up but are OK.

John and another rescuer, Bank Promploy, got Lachance out of the Jeep. “He was unconscious and he was a mess, he had second and third degree burns,” John Cramer said.

That third rescuer was driving behind the tractor trailer. He knew it was very serious. “Craziness,” Promploy said. “I’m really shocked how it turned out.”

Lachance has burns and horrific injuries and was taken to Mass General, but his mother has a hopeful update. “His burns are healing, he’s able to see he’s coming back to himself which is just incredible,” his mom Jessica Lachance said.

Police say the impact caused the tractor trailer’s fuel tank to rupture touching off the inferno. The driver of the truck only has minor injuries.

It is unclear what caused Lachance to cross into oncoming traffic.

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