Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pinky Weber at Bar Mitzvah of Volunteer

Yanky has been assisting Achim B’Yachad - ChaiLlifeline in many different ways. His caring heart sees the need to help those children lying in the hospital in any way possible. Starting with being a part of our pushka campaign by going around every Friday to raise funds and continuing with making neighorhood carnivals so we can continue helping the children and families of Achim B’Yachad - ChaiLlifeline.

Yanky got his friends involved in the Kids Helping Kids program to help him on his mission to make a difference in the world. He is truly an example for all!

May Hashem repay him with only good and may he continue to give his parents only nachas!

Video Credit: Lazer Fried

Achim B'yachad is the Chassidish division Of Chai Lifeline. Fighting Illness With Love.
Achim B'yachad restores the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when cancer, life-threatening, or lifelong illness was diagnosed.

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