Sunday, January 13, 2019

Moose Strolls Through Hospital

A moose on the loose in an Alaska hospital building has given visitors and staff a memorable start to the year.

Stephanie Hupton, who works in a physical therapy office in the Anchorage building, was one of those who caught the moose on tape after a patient told her security were monitoring the animal's movement, reports the Associated Press.

Security officers used yellow wet floor signs to try prod the moose away, but it wasn't in any hurry, wandering around the premises and eating some plants before causally using the motion-activated doors to make its exit.

A hospital spokeswoman said the animal got inside through the motion-activated doors which were stuck open because of extreme cold in the city.

The greenery and warm lobby were likely appealing to the moose, which spent about 10 minutes inside.

It was later seen hanging around a nearby parking lot.

Other than to the plants, no damage or injuries were reported.

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