Wednesday, January 30, 2019

ZAKA Team Recovers Bodies at Brazilian Dam Collapse

A delegation of IDF and ZAKA disaster responders in southeastern Brazil has retrieved several bodies of victims who were washed away when a tailings dam broke last Friday at the Córrego do Feijão mining complex in the hilly region of Brumadinho.

So far, 65 deaths have been confirmed, according to firefighters. Another 279 employees, contractors and residents are missing and presumed dead. Some 192 people have been rescued. Aid workers say they are unlikely to find more survivors in the iron ore waste.

A delegation of about 130 IDF soldiers and officers in active service, as well as 70 reservists from the Home Front Command, among them engineering experts, doctors, search and rescue personnel and firefighters, flew to Brazil on Sunday. In addition, troops from the navy’s underwater missions unit (YALTAM 707) and members of ZAKA are on the aid mission.

Israel is the only country which sent an official delegation to help Brazil’s government in the aftermath of the mining dam disaster. According to a ZAKA release, access to the site is possible only by helicopters provided to the delegation by the Brazilian army. IDF canine unit personnel first scanned the areas and then members of the expedition followed, working to locate the bodies buried in the muddy sludge.

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