Monday, January 14, 2019

Firefighters Rescue People from Cars Swept into River

Firefighters and Police rescued three people from cars swept into the Hilazon River, a northern stream in the lower Galilee, by a flash flood on Monday, according to the spokesperson for the Firefighter's Northern Rescue Unit.

Early Monday morning, two jeeps with a total of three people inside were driving under Route 804. Due to the rising water, the road flooded, trapping the three individuals in their cars, and sweeping their vehicles away with the current of the Hilazon.

Four teams of firefighters rushed to the scene, rescuing thetravelers with a civilian crane.

Police also blocked Route 90 in both directions to and from Tiberias.

The winter season has caused an uptick of floods and stormy weather.

On Monday morning alone, the police have received dozens of phone calls from residents in Arraba and nearby communities, asking for help and rescue assistance, according to the Police Spokesperson’s Unit. 

Residents are trapped in vehicles and homes, which endangers children, adults and the elderly, who could be exposed to the risk of drowning or hypothermia.

Additionally, snow has been piling up on Mount Hermon, and there have even been reports that snow could fall in Jerusalem Wednesday evening.

The Hilazon is the same river that took the life Cpl. Evyatar Yosefi in the beginning of January. Yosefi, 20, from Givat Shmuel, who served in the Gadsar paratrooper reconnaissance battalion, was swept away while participating in a navigation training exercise. His unit had been hiking around the stream working in pairs to learn how to navigate in the wilderness.

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