Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Camp Chayolei Music Video "A Summer in Chayolei"

Musical Arrangements: Avremi G.
With much thanks and gratitude to Yitzy Schwartz of 'The A Team'
Lyrics: Moshe Golomb
Soloist: Elchonon Greenbaum
Vocals Recorded at: Music Studio NYC
Original Tune: Kiddish by Avrum Mordche Schwartz

Directed by: Menachem Amar
Filmed by: Shamai Chein
Edited by: 321Motion

Special thanks to the Head Staff: Chaim Levilev, Menachem Amar, Yisrael Grimberg and Berke Kraus

Filmed on location at Camp Chayolei Hamelech
Featuring the Staff and Campers (summer 5778)
Air band conducted by Yehuda G.

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Anonymous said...

Just saying this is mishechis not Chabad