Tuesday, January 01, 2019

7th Wonder - Yerachmiel

The first single off Yerachmiel's new album "Off The Derech"

Written and Produced by Yerachmiel
Vox and Ukulele -Yerachmiel
Piano - Achiya Cohen
Drums - Shachar Kahati
Bass - Opher Schneider
Percussian - Yoni Sharon

Horn Arrangements - C.J. Glass
Trombone - C.J. Glass
Trumpet - Omar Williams
Saxophone - Benny Masterman
Recorded and Mixed in Jerusalem by David Jakabovitch
Filmed and Edited - Danny Gold

never give up on a brotha in a dire need
he be struggling the lock while u hold the key
fill up his cup when its almost empty
there be plenty to share and for all to eat

all the candles flicker slowly
around the table, faces glowing
humming softly words of an ancient tune
this night i spend with you

don’t u tremble when it thunda
no surprise to find the bed your unda
you set me straight when i blunda
a treasure chest,
your day of rest
is the 7th wonda

trouble with da world become too blind to see
losing touch with our spirituality
we be blessed with sacredness of time
the rhyme and reason of humanity

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