Wednesday, December 05, 2018

When President George H. W. Bush Played Dreidel

President George H. W. Bush Playing Dreidel on Chanukah. You may have heard about his love for sports, but you probably didn't know about his interest in the Jewish game of Chanukah Dreidel. President George H. W. Bush is remembered fondly for his light-hearted and friendly demeanor, and you can see that again in this clip. This video is an excerpt from the bonus footage on Gift of Chanukah, available at

President George H. W. Bush receives a delegation from Chabad Lubavitch in honor of 40 years of leadership of the Rebbe. He accepts a gift of silver Menorah from Rabbi Abraham Shemtov and send greetings back to the Rebbe. On December 26, 1989, during Chanukah Live, the first intercontinental Menorah lighting, the Rebbe watches the video and at its conclusion he leads the crowd in applauding the President.

Here's another clip on a different occasion, when the Satmar Rebbe Rav Ahron Teitelbaum with a delegation of rabbis visits President George H.W. Bush.

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