Monday, December 10, 2018

Prison Reform: The Journey of a Bill

Help! the Final Push

For the last 10 years, Rabbi Moshe Margaretten has been working tirelessly to reform the correctional system of America. After seeing the emotional and financial damage that families endure when their loved ones are imprisoned, Rabbi Margeretten enlisted the help of Gary Apfel and other activists to see how they can change things. Over 1 million dollars has been invested to hire the best lobbyist teams and legal experts to help pass a prison bill that would reduce sentencing time and promote better rehab programs. There were days when it seemed impossible, when all their effort seemed for naught, when experts advised them to give up. But they didn’t.

Now the bill is in its final and most critical stage. The defining moment is NOW!

In the next few days, the bill will be brought to the Senate floor for a vote! This is the final showdown. This is where the journey begins or ends. This is when you can change the future of hundreds of inmates in our community.

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