Monday, December 10, 2018

Introducing Lipa Deutsch: The Ultimate Kumzits

Introducing Lipa Deutsch, the newest kumzits sensation who with this live video is sure to capture your ears. You see Lipa, has been singing publicly for the last two years, not just kumzitsim, but chuppas and weddings. Lipa is now under the tutelage of the noted vocal coach Cantor Einhorn, Who amongst his stars are Avraham Fried, Levy Folkowitz, Shlome Daskal, Yummi Lowy.

Not only does Lipa sing, but he plays guitar as well. He feels that the two together really help bring out the neshumo of the song.

This video shot at a recent live event captured these magical moments for all to see, with some of the biggest songs of the last decade. The songs include Sruli Ginsburg's “Aneini,” Michoel Schnitzler's "An Ehrlicer Bracha," the classic “Gam Ki Eilech” from renowned Israel singer Chaim Israel, “Aleinu Leshabeich” from the legend Yitzchak Fuchs and finally “Nigun Neshama” from Yehuda Green. Watch and be inspired to new heights as your Neshama is filled with longing as Lipa plays and sings these soul-stirring hits for your listening pleasure. Presented by the Musical Cave.

Shot on location at Rachves Estates
Director & Executive Producer: Hershy Menczer
Video by: Image Source Productions
Cinematographer: Igor Perchuk
Video Editor: Brandon Lanski

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Anonymous said...

This video is unbelievable.!
Love how he controls his voice so cool