Sunday, November 25, 2018

Yaakov Klein | Official Lyric Video - Journey

Yaakov Klein is a composer, singer, speaker, and the author of Sparks from Berditchov and the upcoming Sunlight of Redemption on the first lesson in Likutei Moharan (Feldheim). He lives in Yerushalayim with his wife Shira and their son Shmuel, where he devotes his time to spreading the inner light of Torah through his books, articles, shiurim, and music.

To read more about Yaakov's musical journey and to partner with him in producing unique, authentic, soulful, and meaningful Jewish music, follow this link

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To hear Yaakov's shiurim in Likutei Moharan and Nefesh HaChaim follow this link


Composition, lyrics, and performance by Yaakov Klein
Arrangement and musical production by Mendy Portnoy
Mixed and mastered by Ben Wallick
String recording and additional string arrangement by Yoed Nir
Piano by Mendy Portnoy

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