Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Israeli Rabbi Studying Gemara During Soccer Match

VIN News - A Charedi rabbi from Israel became an unlikely social media star yesterday when stadium cameras caught him studying Talmud during an important soccer match played yesterday in Glasgow.

Rabbi Zev Leff had agreed to take his grandchildren to the game in Hampden Park that had Israel facing off against Scotland in the Nations League game, earning Scotland a spot in the Euro 2020 playoff.

Israel had struck out early, taking a 1 - 0 lead against Scotland as reported by The Guardian ultimately losing by a score of 3 – 2 in a nail biter that lasted nearly four hours.

Cameras that panned across the stadium caught sight of Rabbi Leff, rabbi of Moshav Matisyahu, deeply immersed in his learning in the early part of the game as Israel enjoyed its brief lead over the home team.

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