Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Forklift Causes Entire Warehouse to Fall like Dominoes

This is the dramatic moment a forklift operator caused an entire warehouse of goods to fall like dominoes when he bumped into a shelving unit.

The clip, filmed inside an unnamed distribution warehouse, captured the driver as he made his way down an aisle between two tall pallet racks.

Two workers stood at the foot of the aisle checking boxes as he slowly travelled between the shelves, but disaster struck as he reached them. It is unclear where the clip, captured in July last year, was filmed, which company uses the warehouse, or the condition of the driver after the accident.

But it has left viewers wondering how on earth it could have happened, and whether the driver survived such a catastrophe. 

The driver veered his forklift to the left as he came to a stop, slightly nudging the racks of boxes with the top of the vehicle. Seconds later, the entire unit collapsed, covering the driver and his forklift with dozens of cardboard boxes.

A white product spilled from the packaging when it broke on impact, covering the floor of the warehouse. The forklift then appeared to be pushed to the other side of the aisle by force of the fall, causing the second pallet rack to fall in a similar way.

Other shelves in the warehouse followed suit, falling from the back right of the clip until the entire right hand side of the building had fallen. At the end of the footage, the forklift was no longer visible under a pile of cardboard boxes and metal shelves as bewildered staff stared at the disaster.

The left hand side of the warehouse was still standing, however, left undisturbed despite the domino effect elsewhere.

It is unknown whether the forklift driver was injured or managed to keep his job after the catastrophe.

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