Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Rabbis Respond to Rabbi who Blamed Kedoshim

A video of Rabbi Mordechai Aderet discussing the tragic shooting in a conservative synagogue in Pittsburgh last Shabbos, has been making its rounds on social media.  In the Shiur the Rabbi explains that at the time of the Pittsburgh massacre in the Conservative Temple, there was a Bris Mila of a child adopted by two toeiva “fathers”. He places fault for this tragedy on this event. Many Rabbis have either directly on indirectly countered the above narrative.  Rabbi Moshe Weinberger delivered a direct response to Rabbi Aderet's message. Along the same lines was Rabbi Bender though not directly referencing Rabbi Aderet.

Rav Yaakov Bender of Yeshivas Darchei Torah Far Rockaway, on The Pittsburgh Massacre

Audio only - Rabbi Moshe Weinberger of  congregation Aish Kodesh Woodmere delivers a Response to Pittsburgh Tragedy & Rabbi Aderet

The video of Rabbi Mordechai Aderet of Bet Eliyahu Congregation of Great Neck, NY.


Anonymous said...

reb aderet isn't the first rav to say this I heard a drasha in Lakewood, the rav said the same thing, there is a shitah like that

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Weinberger feels it's better to call another Rabbi with a different opinion a worse name than that Rabbi called the toeiva mechalalei Shabbos. Go figure.

אמת said...

Kudos to Rav Aderet shlit"a for sharing his daas Torah, even if it is not politically correct!

יישר כחו וחילו

Anonymous said...
Another prophet.

Dovid M said...

even suggesting such a thing's p disgusting to be honest.

Anonymous said...

A Jewish Fred Phelps. That's all we need. I expect better from our own.