Sunday, October 14, 2018

Orthodox Jewish Chasidic Man Attacked in Boro Park

A Orthodox Jewish Hasidic man walking to synagogue was attacked and beaten by a man on Sunday morning. October 13 2018

At approximately 7:30 AM a 62-year-old Jewish man was walking to Shul on 13th Avenue near 46 Street, carrying his Tallis and Tefillin. Suddenly, a vehicle screeched to a halt, the driver got out, and ran towards the victim. He began punching him in his face and screaming at him – all in a totally unprovoked attack. The man broke free and began running, but the suspect once again assaulted him in front of TD Bank.

The NYPD responded to reports of the assault and took the suspect into custody. The vehicle he was driving said “Church Ave Car Service” on it. Boro Park Shomrim were on the scene as well assisting police.

Boro Park Hatzolah transported the victim to Maimonides Hospital with facial trauma.
Hate Crimes Task Force has been requested and are responding to the 66 Precinct.

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