Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Oh Beer!

A truck driver has been caught on camera spilling an entire truckload of beer crates onto the road while trying to make a three-point-turn during a delivery in Cape Town, South Africa.

Video footage shows the trucker attempting to reverse a lorry marked with a banner reading 'REGRET NOTHING' down the side.

As he maneuvers the lorry across the road, the load starts to shift, and soon the tarmac is covered in crates, bottles and beer.

The video shows the driver continuing to move his vehicle, despite beer crates spilling out onto the road. Withing seconds, the entire trailer is seen tilting sharply and half his load crashes into the road.

Many of the beer bottles from South African Breweries smashes into a frothy foaming sea of ale blocking the road and leaving the driver suffering a very unhappy hour.

It is believed that between 150 and 200 crates of beer fell out of the beer lorry.

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