Sunday, October 28, 2018

Meet Our Executive #ChefMark - Glatt-A-La Carte

Glatt-A-La Carte has been the first of its kind, providing Continental and fine Grill cuisine to the Brooklyn community. Yet, it’s not only a local place, as over 60% of our customers hail from the Five Towns, Manhattan and New Jersey. That’s because our dishes can compete with any of the top restaurants in the New York area.

The first of a series of behind-the-scenes videos showing you exactly how it is that we bring you the amazing experience that is Glatt A La Carte.

First up: Our Executive #ChefMark.

Mark Green started cooking at his parents’ kitchen in Glen Clove, Long Island, worked in restaurants at the age of 11 and took a steady job in high school (Ben’s Kosher Deli) as a cook.

Mark attended Culinary School in New York for 4 years. After graduating, Mark went to work for Club Mediterranean Resorts in the Caribbean & Key West, Aruba and New York.

For the last eight years Mark is now with Glatt Ala Carte. At 47 Mark lives in Oceanside, NY with his wife Raziel, daughter Malaya and son Hayden

Thanks to our entire team for making this dream a reality and thank you to @benhesh_studios for a job well done!

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