Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Climbers Escaped Deadly Pakistan Avalanche

Nail-biting moment a group of hikers in Pakistan are forced to dive behind rocks as they realize an avalanche is hurtling towards them

Footage captured the nail-biting moment the climbers see an avalanche falling from a rocky ridge on a mountain in Pakistan.

Clouds of billowing snow can be seen roaring it's way towards them as they shout 'It's coming!'
Snow continues to hurtle down the rock face and then eventually the hikers are engulfed by snow plume which has been stirred up during its descent.

They suddenly realize they are in it's pathway and could get hit by the snow hurtling towards them at speed. One of the climbers, who is filming the heart-stopping moment, makes a duck behind a rock as the snow whips passed above them.

The white, snowy cloud soon engulfs the hiker, who continues to film the terrifying occurrence.

He can be heard gasping in shock as the remnants of the ear-splitting avalanche coats his body with snow and ice. As the snow eases off, the hiker shouts out to his friends to see if anyone has been hurt.

Luckily the group of climbers appeared to be unharmed by the freak occurrence.

Avalanches on the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border have caused hundreds of death over the past decade.

In 2017, more than 100 people were killed after heavy snow fall caused an avalanche to wipe out a village and block roads to stop rescue missions.

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