Monday, September 03, 2018

Man Rescues Impala From Mud

This is the moment a kind-hearted man rescued an impala which was stuck in the mud.

The man noticed the impala was unable to stand and follow its herd which moved on in Kruger national park in South Africa.

He then drives up to the wild animal and pulls it out of the water before leaving it to return to its travels, The helpless impala had desperately tried to get out of the water but continued to fall in.

Until the man drove over, got out of his car, took his shoes and socks off in front of the impala who closely watched him. He crouched down and swiftly pulled the impala out by its antlers.

After a successful rescue, the animal rested on the ground before struggling to get up. It soon left the scene and walked off its limp legs which had been stuck for some time. 

Steve Haley, from Canterbury, who filmed the video, is a chef and a safari aficionado- often visits the park where the incident took place on August 2. He said: 'I was on my own during an 8- week self safari where I take a tent, rent a car and camp in the park for 8 weeks.

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