Saturday, September 08, 2018

Israel In Our Hearts - FDD Singers - Music Video

Following the yearly tradition, all artists represented by F.D.D Productions by David Fadida joined together in a special song written in honor of the Land of Israel. The song, called 'Israel in our Hearts', talks about the deep connection that every Jew feels for the holy land of Israel.

Among participating artists are great singers such as Ohad Moskowitz, Itzik Dadya, Uziya Tzadok, The Kinderlach, The Vocals, Maestro Gershon Frieshtat and Violinist Daniel Ahaviel.  The song itself was composed, written and produced by duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. The song was filmed as a unique video clip with participation of all the artists, and includes breathtaking images from the country's landscapes, which constitute a spectacular accompaniment to the heartfelt words.

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