Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tourist's Hilarious Misunderstanding of Bungy Jump

This is the hilarious moment a Chinese tourist fails to leap from a bungee platform - because she doesn't understand the English word 'jump'.

In the video, the woman is seen smiling and waving at the camera as she makes her way onto the platform at the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge in New Zealand.

But it all takes an odd turn when the instructors count down for her to take the plunge - and she remains standing with her arms out on the ledge. They then try to count down for her to jump again, yelling 'Go! Get out out here!' but the woman just begins screaming. The bungee jumper and her instructor are clearly bemused by the language barrier - briefly laughing with each other on the platform.

He said: 'You're still here! What are you doing?

'Just do it yeah?'

After she has been stood for two minutes, another instructor takes charge, motioning that she has to jump from the ledge with his arms.

It's only then that the woman takes the plunge, joyfully launching herself into the air.

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Anonymous said...

her shoe falls off at the end