Sunday, August 19, 2018

Save Ateres Tziporah

Save the School

Ateres Tziporah Will Accept Every Child From A Torah-True Home

Let’s face it, that caught your attention. Because no other Lakewood school will say that. And, no other school is doing that. And Lakewood so desperately needs that kind of Ahavas Yisroel.

The school that will accept any girl from a Torah-true home with the potential to succeed and thrive is about to shut its doors forever.

The start of the school year is just days away, and Ateres Tzipora will be forced to close its doors because of financial issues unless $180,000 can be raised within the next few days. Ateres Tzipora has an enrollment of 154 girls in Primary through Eighth Grade, some of whom were students at a different school that closed down for financial reasons just weeks ago. The school has 26 families asking for acceptance, and is willing to give it to them provided they can assure the future.

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