Sunday, August 12, 2018

Queens Hatzolah - Prelude - Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Thanks to their ‘super hero’ like efforts and complete mesiras nefesh in saving lives, Queens Hatzolah dedicates one night to its heroic members.

What started in 1978 with 7 dedicated Queens residents and a station wagon, is now a multifaceted organization with hundreds of trained members, using top of the line equipment and ambulances.

This one night, July 23, 2018 dedicated as the ‘Premier Men’s Event’, turned out to be the biggest event in their history. With hundreds of attendees enjoying the lavish event in the Queens Museum, only a musical production of epic proportion could have drawn the crowd into the Exhibit Hall. Waiting for them was the ‘Aaron Teitelbaum Symphonic Experience’ under the leadership of the great Yisroel Lamm, and accompanied by the Yedidim Choir. The performance was set on a custom built, multi- level stage, with stunning lighting and sound.

The main attraction was the one and only Ohad, who flew in from Eretz Yisroel for this special occasion.

In order to appropriately begin such an event, an unforgettable overture with new arrangements by Yisroel Lamm was performed.

The inspiration for the medley came from the entertainment sponsors – Kamin Health Urgent Care Centers, as their way of thanking our true heroes – the volunteers of Queens Hatzolah!

Sound by Solvetech
Mixed by Baba Z
Event Coordinators Jay Kay & Joe B
Public relations Chad K

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