Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Police Remove Bear from Parked Car

Another case of a bear stuck inside a vehicle in Colorado’s mountains has wildlife officials warning drivers to lock their doors and empty all food containers.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on Twitter of a bear stuck inside a vehicle in Conifer near Pleasant Park/High Grade on Monday.

Deputies were able to open the driver’s side door with a cable and the bear ran away. But the animal left behind a big mess!

The bear had trashed the inside of the vehicle.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that Hyperphagia, the snackiest time of year for bears, is approaching. That means bears will sniff out and try to eat anything, even food wrappers, gum, mints and half-finished soda bottles. Bears are smart enough to open car doors but typically get stuck inside and destroy the vehicle while trying to figure a way out.

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