Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Miami Boys Choir - Esmach - Music Video

A video experience unlike anything you've watched before. Witness first hand and close up an amazing MBC performance. Filmed on Location @ The Master Theater in Brooklyn, home of the upcoming Succos Celebration '18.

Esmach Ba"Hashem: True happiness comes from a sense of purpose, and connection to our spiritual side. We are at our happiest while immersed in Hashem's Torah & Mitzvos.

Directed & Composed by: Yerachmiel Begun
Co - Directed by: R. Begun
Assistance & direction by: Chananya Begun

Filmed & Edited by: Miami Studios
Film Crew: Jack'd Films
Post Production: Jake Kamensky
Music Arranged by: Avrami Berko & Strings By Yisroel Lamm
Vocals recorded by: Miami Studios

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