Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Man Risks his Life Trying to Free Bear

A Russian man risked his life trying to save a brown bear with its head stuck in a giant tin while it was scavenging for food.

But before he could free it from the container the wild beast ran off into the forest and has still not been found. The man got dangerously close to the young brown bear and used what appears to be a bicycle tyre to try and pull the container off the wild animal's head.

After hooking the tyre round the green tub, he tried to yank it off the bear's head.

Despite the creature running off the man then chases after the stricken animal and tries again to hook the tyre round its head.

At one point he scurries away from the agitated bear as it runs towards him still trapped in the container. He makes four attempts to free the predator before it runs off into the forest while his friend films the rescue bid.

The video was shot in Russia's coldest Yakutia region, also known as the Sakha Republic, it is believed.

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