Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Levy Falkowitz, Yedidim, Toiv Lee, Official Music Video

On the heels of two well received albums (Achake Loi, Toiv Lee), Levy Falkowitz shares his new hit song, Toiv Lee, in a heartfelt visual celebration of the moments and memories surrounding a precious Sefer Torah.

His latest collaboration with composer Hershey Rotenberg, producer Avrom Mordchi Schwartz and arranger Yoeli Dikman, and featuring the Yedidim choir, Toiv Lee is a song filled with both joy and gratitude, a recognition of how much of one’s life in intertwined with Toiras Picho, the Torah of Hashem.

From a sofer sitting alone in a room writing a Sefer Torah’s first words, to a Bar Mitzva bochur standing for his first aliya together with his father, and everything in between, Toiv Lee follows the journey not only of the Sefer Torah but also of the lives it touches along the way.

For those who remember fondly the scent of an old gemoro in a quiet shul between Mincha or Maariv, for those who recall with love davenning on a wooden bench that has been repainted many times over, for those who rejoice when they see a new Sefer Torah being walked to its shul for the first time, this is the song and video they’ve been waiting for.

כי לקח טוב נתתי לכם
תורתי תורתי אל תעזבו

טוב לי תורת פיך ס’איז גוט
טוב לי תורת פיך ס’איז זיס
מאלפי זהב וכסף מער פון אלע געלט
טוב לי תורת פיך ס’איז גוט
טוב לי תורת פיך ס’איז זיס
די בעסטע שענסטע זאך אויף דער וועלט

a RIVKIN MEDIA Production

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