Monday, August 27, 2018

Dad Knocked a Flying Bat Out of the Air

Lightening quick reactions from one dad at a Mets baseball game in New York last week saw him stopping a baseball bat from slamming his kids directly in the face.

The father of two young boys who were sitting beside him at the game were unawares as to the drama that was happening directly above their heads as it all happened so fast.

A player had just taken a swing when the bat suddenly broke apart sending an enormous chunk flying into the crowd. Slow-motion footage captures the moment as the giant splinter of a bat as hurled through the air towards horrified spectators. Everyone appears to have their eyes on the bat from the ground staff on the field to countless others sitting in their seats.

All of a sudden, the bat's course as it careered towards the stand is suddenly interrupted, as an eagle-eyed father reaches out and grabs it in midair so as to knock it off course away from danger.

One of the dad's son's turned to look up at him, no doubt in disbelief as to what were almost super-human abilities.

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