Friday, August 24, 2018

Cops Save Suicidal Woman About to Jump

A pair of Texas cops came to a distraught woman's rescue and managed to save her life.

The duo had moments to act as the woman teetered on the brink of an overpass, threatening to jump into traffic below.

Dash-cam footage captures video of both men walking towards her while body-cam film shows just hos close to the edge the woman was as she stood on the concrete ledge.

The woman tells them how scared she is the men edge ever-closer towards her.

Finally, they decide to make a grab for her and pull her down off the barrier.

They then walk her to the squad car and tell her they're going to get her some help.

The footage is both terrifying and reassuring as it shows the police officers maintain their cool, calm and collected manner throughout managing to bring the woman back down to safety where she could receive some proper care and attention.

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