Monday, August 13, 2018

Blumstein Brothers ft, Moshe Storch - Thank You Hashem


A song written with Hashem!

Three brothers, four friends, open their hearts with great joy... Thank You Hashem!

A new Yiddishe baby is born, amongst so many more... Baruch HaShem, healthy and well... Thank you Hashem!

A song that flows from the soul, a song of love and happiness!

A song that reaches deep into our neshamos, a holy Niggun that helps us get up and dance. Thank you Hashem!

A song that will help us all, Beezras Hashem, find our yeshuous, bring us closer to our father in heaven and remind us that we are so lucky, so blessed, to be part of this great family of Klal Yisrael

So let’s embrace each other and sing together. Let’s share this song together, as we bring the Moshiach one step closer!

Hodu Lashem - Thank you Hashem!

Rabbi Heshy Blumstein

The night his baby boy was born, the father, his brothers and some friends sat down, overwhelmed with joy, to give thanks to HaShem and this beautiful song came pouring down :)

Performed and released at the Bris of Elimelech Blumstein on August 8, 2018 at the White Shul in Farrockaway NY.

Vocals/guitar/percussion: Moshe Storch
Composed by the Blumstein brothers and friends.
Studio arrangements & final mix: Ami Kozak
Recording: Mike Gonsolin
Choir: ZA boys #priority1

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